Two Christians are in detention for more than seven weeks

HRANA News Agency – About seven weeks ago plainclothes security agents arrested Shahrzad Y and Sam S, two of converted Christians community in Tehran.

According to a report of Mohebbat News, security agents arrested the two converted Christians on January 9th of 2013 at 11 a.m.

Both of them arrested at the same time in different places.

Shahrzad is 25 years old and Sam is 27, they are from west of Tehran. The agents in an arbitrary action just invaded their homes and without showing any detention warrant inspected their homes, arrested Shahrzad and Sam and confiscated some of their personal belongings such as laptop, some books and notes related to Christianity, worships songs CDs and photo camera.

It seems they were transferred to Evin detention center right after being arrested and for a long time they have not been allowed to contact their families, then there were no news about their whereabout and their condition which the absolute ignorance increased worries among their families.

When their families followed up and haunt to security and judicial departments to find out about their offsprings some of the officials even threatened them and warned the families to be silent.

Sam and Shahrzad after weeks of being in detention and absolute ignorance, were able to short phone call to their families lately and informed them about the continuation of their detention.

Now after more than seven weeks of being in detention and being interrogated, these two converted Christians accused to establishing home-church and accumulation deliberate to commit a crime.

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