Two more executions / one in public

HRANA News Agency – 2 prisoners were executed on charge of murder, one in public, at Shahid-Shiroudi square of Tonekabon, and the other in prison number two of Tonekabon on Nashtaroud on Thursday September 19.

According to a report of IRIB, Asghar Talebi, the attorney general of Tonekabon claimed: “accused person has been sentenced to two-time nemesis, for murdering two people, hanged in Shahid-Shiroudi square of Tonekabon”.

He stated, the motive for murdering was fail in marriage, and added “this young lover with the deem of, parents of his love were the cause of separation, after getting a leave permission from military service, first murder the Mother of the girl and few moment after kill the father, for revenge. Then in a tormented mental condition, ran to boarder forest of Khorram-Abad”.

He added, “This young person after spotting police, tried to commit suicide, which with special provisions of police got surprised and arrested”.

The attorney general of Tonekabon also publicized another execution of a murderer and said, “With the sentence of judge, a person with charge of deliberate-murder, hanged on prison number two of Tonekabon, located on Asb-Chin of Salman Shahr”.

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