Two Political Prisoners in Urmia Sentenced to Prison Exile

Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) – On August 1, 2018, political prisoners Hassan Galvani and Vahed Bebahani were reportedly sentenced to a total of eleven years of prison exile by branch 2 of the Urmia Revolutionary Court. They were reportedly arrested on May 4th and transferred to Urmia’s central prison.

The Judge, Ali Sheikhloo, sentenced Mr Galvani to five years of prison exile in the northwestern city of Ardabil and Mr Behbahani to six years of prison in exile in the north-central city of Qazvin. They were both charged with “Cooperation with anti-regime political parties”.

The details of their case were given to HRANA by a credible source who said Mr Galvani and Mr Behabhani were respectively held in sections 3-4 and 14 of Urmia’s central prison.

According to the source, both Mr Galvani and Mr Behbahani have exercised their right to appeal.

Hassan Galvani and Vahed Bebahani spent two months under detention by the forces of the Ministry of Intelligence before being transferred to Urmia’s central prison.

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