Two prisoners were hanged by direct order of Khamenei

HRANA News Agency – Two prisoners have been hanged on charge of murder in Hamedan prison by the direct order of Khamenei.


According to a report by ISNA, in May 2012, after finding the dead bodies of 2 young men in a town nearby Hamedan who were killed by knife and heavily wounded before death, police arrested two suspected with the names of “P-AA” and “S-L.”


This report claims that these two confessed to the murder and were sent to the prison under the detention.


Then the general and revolutionary persecutor of Hamedan issued the indictment and the dossier was sent to the first branch of the criminal court of Hamedan charged with cooperation in two murders and they were sentenced to be twice executed according to the Islamic punishment laws.


According to this report, after the fast and turned out treatment of their cases and the confirmation of the branch 11 of the Supreme Court and getting permission from the judiciary chief and the order of the Leadership (Khamenei) to enforce the death sentence as soon as possible, these two prisoners were hanged yesterday morning.

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