Uncertain Condition of Ramin Parchami, a Prominent Film and Television Actor, in Evin prison

HRANA NEWS- Reports indicate that 40 days after detention of Ramin Parchami, a prominent film and television actor who had been arrested during protesting Rally on 25-Bahman,  his condition remains suspenseful.

Eyewitnesses have told HRANA Reporters that “Ramin Parchami”, a prominent actor, has been transferred to Evin Prison after his arrest on February14, 2011 (25-Bahman 1389).

Some governmental sites previously had referred to arrest of this artist as “R. P. one of stars in Masoud Dehnamaki’s movies who had participated in the 25-Bahman Rally, opposed to  those in charge at the scenes asking  him to leave the rally and therefore was transferred to the detention center.”

38 year old Ramin Parchami had been playing various roles on a number of films such as “Banquet and Protest” by Masoud Kimiai, “Mother’s Guest” by Dariush Mehrjui and TV series “Iin Your Shelter”, “Neighbors” and “under the blue Sky III”.

He also until recently was working as the editor in the  Monthly “Naghsh Afarinan Art & Culture Magazine”  with “Shokouh Jiroudi” as the Editor in Chief.

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