Vahid Sayad Nasiri in Ward 4 of Evin Prison Awaiting Court of Appeal

HRANA News Agency – Vahid Sayad Nasiri, political prisoner in ward 4 of Evin prison, has been imprisoned contrary to the rule of separation of prisoners based on their crimes, and despite the passage of more than a month of holding the Court of Appeal hearing, he has not received the verdict yet.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Vahid Sayad Nasiri has had a hearing in Branch 54 of Court of Appeal presided by Judge Babaei, on December 14, 2016, but this political prisoner has not received his verdict yet.
A source close to Mr. Sayadi told HRANA’s reporter: “The Court of Appeal was held as the primitive court, just one way, and still no verdict has been issued. He also has requested to go back to ward 8, for several times, but no action has been made by the authorities, and the condition of ward 4 is getting worse day to day.”
The source explained the poor condition of ward 4 of Evin prison and said: “This ward is more crowded and prisoners with various crimes such as blackmail and extortion and, addicts and drug defendants have been added, which has made the condition worse for political prisoners in this ward.”
It should be mentioned that, Vahid Sayadi Nassiri had gone on hunger strike to protest against 13 months of uncertainty, from October 16. This political prisoner was sentenced to eight years imprisonment in the lower court, with charges of “insulting religious sanctities, insulting the Supreme Leader and propaganda against the regime”. However, over 13 months from the date of the first sentence and despite his protests, he has received no order from the Court of Appeal.
Eventually, Vahid Sayad ended his hunger strike after a long period of time, following the determination of the date of the Court of Appeal.

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