Video Footage of the Last Moments of Prisoners before Being Taken to Gallows

HRANA News Agency – The video footage that you can watch here shows the last farewell of Farzad Tahai and Amin Babai, two prisoners who were executed on June 1st in Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj. HRANA published this footage to draw the attentions to the matter of death penalty and precisely to the execution of prisoners with drug related charges in Iran.

During the recent months the rate of the mass executions and sometimes public executions has increased although the Iranian officials had told that they were going to consider the matter of eliminating death penalty on drug related charges in a bill in the parliament in April.

Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj has the highest amount of executions on drug related charges in Iran.

During less than 30 days at least 50 prisoners have been executed in this prison. Most of these executions were in groups and not acknowledged.

On June 1st, 13 prisoners were sent to gallows and a prisoner named as Bahman Khorram killed another inmate that a new case would be formed for him and the execution would be postponed.

Another prisoner died in the solitary confinement because of a heart attack and could not be hanged. There were also reports about one of the prisoners’ mother who jumped down from Fardis Bridge in Karaj and died after his son was hanged.

In order to be able to cover these cases at the best possible level, HRANA calls on all citizens and activists to send their reports and evidences to [email protected].

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