Video Footage Showing the Last Words of a Death Row Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Barat Zahmatkesh is one of the eleven prisoners who were executed on 14th April in Qezelhesar prison, in Karaj. The following video was recorded just a few days before his execution, in Qezalhesar prison, in Karaj, in which he provides an explanation of his case for the last time and calls for help to rescue him.

By release of this seeking help video of “Barat Zahmatkesh”, this prisoner of drug related crimes, who was executed along with 10 other prisoners in Qezalhesar, on 14th April this year, HRANA tries to get the public attention to the execution and the importance of a fair trial for prisoners.

Mr Zahmatkesh, in a conversation with HRANA, believed that to support his family, he had to
accept the responsibility for the crime which he had no part in it.  He believed that he was deprived of a fair trial.

Although the information about this prisoner’s case is not publicly available, and his execution reports has not been announced clearly by the relevant authorities, the death penalty in connection with the drugs is one of the biggest challenges in the field of human rights for Iranian government. The challenge that by the Iranian regime after more than three decades, is going to take steps towards a more promising in the future, by the bill, which is going to be provided next month for the elimination of the death penalty for drug offenses.

HRANA News Agency, in this occasion, invites all Iranian compatriots to participate in the reporting violations of human rights. The people may be interested can send their reports and documents among its video reports to this human rights organization, through Facebook page, website or HRANA’s email address; [email protected] of the human rights organizations.

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