A young Hormozgani fisherman was murdered by police

HRANA News Agency – Soliman Mihandoost, 25, Hormozagani citizen was directly shot and instantly killed by police, when he was returning from fishing.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Soliman Mihandoost, the 25 years old inhabitant of Kalmatly village, was murdered by direct shot from police forces when he was returning from fishing.

One of his relative said to HRANA’s reporter, “Soliman Mihandoost had departed his boat and was on his way to home. Near the port he was shot by police forces, on August 6”.

He was insisting that “police forces were suspicious that he is a petrol smuggler and shot him without any warning”.

According to received reports, the family of Mihandoost has sued the police and jurisdiction authorities implicitly confirmed the fault of police, but nobody has been arrested yet regarding the case.

During last week, Mohammad Ourangi and Mohammad Eisayi, two other Hormozgani citizens who were under 25, were killed by police in similar way.

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