13 Detainees of Recent Protests Summoned to the Court in Tonekabon

HRANA News Agency – Thirteen protesters who had been arrested in recent protests by security forces, were summoned to Tonekabon Justice Office. The allegations were announced as; “participating in illegal gatherings”, “insulting the leadership”, “disrupting public order”, and “propaganda against the regime”.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), thirteen protesters who had been arrested in the recent demonstrations in December and January in Tonekabon, and were partially released on the bail, have been summoned to the Justice Department of Tonekabon.
They were arrested by the security forces and transferred to Shahsavar Prison, after completing the interrogation process.
A source close to the detainees at Tonekabon told HRANA’s reporter: “11 detainees have been released on the bail until the court is held, and two are still in detention because of their inability to secure the bail.”
The informed source by mentioning that the detainees were harassed, mistreated physically and mentally, emphasized: “The court, has summoned them, by sending summons, phone call and a text message to the detainees.”
They have been charged with “participating in illegal gatherings”, “insulting the leadership”, “disrupting public order”, and “propaganda against the regime”.
The names of those detained in the city of Tonekabon were authenticated by HRANA as: Salim Sadeqi, Sina Norouzi, Mahintaj Ahmadpour, Amir Hossein Hesami, Mustafa Janipour, Mohammad Abulqasemi, Isa Baqeri, Sadegh Mahdirudi, Sinai (Kamal) Davoudi, Ali Goleich, Hadi Rahmani, Hadi Rahmani Garmaroudi, Pariya Dinarsaraei, Fatemeh Dinarsaraei.
Among those arrested, Sadeq Mahdirudi and Sina Davoudi are still in detention due to the inability to provide the bail, and there is no detailed information about their status.
In the recent protests a large number of people were arrested and interrogated in various cities.
During these protests, at least 25 people were killed across Iran.
According to official reports, during these protests which took place in more than 80 cities, about 5,000 people were arrested.
It was also reported that during a workflow sent by the security forces to the court, Mahintaj Ahmadpour was charged with organizing the protesters and Salim Sadeghi was charged with coordinating the protests in Tonekabon, in last December and January.

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