A 17-Year-Old Activist Arrested in Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – Ali Kab Aamir, 17, from Kian Abad in Ahvaz was arrested by the Ahvaz intelligence office at his house. The hand of the teenager broke while being arrested as a result of his resistance and protest of his family. It is said that his mother was shocked and is hospitalized due to her critical condition.
According to the report of Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ali Kab Aamir’s relatives told that during the home inspection, the family’s computer and several mobile phones were seized by intelligence ministry of Ahvaz and he was taken to an unknown location.
Kab Aamir’s family referred to the intelligence office after his arrest but has received no news about his charge and place of detention.
Ali Kab Aamir studies at third year of high school and was involved in forming human chains to protest against pumping away the water of Karun River. He previously had been summoned several times to the intelligence ministry due to the use of placards in protests against the “Iranian military presence in Syria” in Al-Ghadir Stadium in Ahvaz.
Security forces in Ahwaz has arrested other Arab citizens, including Amir Zargani from Zergan in north of Ahvaz and three teachers named Isa Damni (Haddad), Mojahed Zargani and Naji Heidari.

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