Vahid Sayad Nasiri on Hunger Strike in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Vahid Sayad Nasiri, political prisoner of Evin prison, has started a hunger strike, in protest to violation of separation of prisoners based on their crimes.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Vahid Sayad Nasiri, political prisoner of section 4 of Evin prison is on hunger strike since February 15.

A close source to this political prisoner told HRANA’s reporter, “Few general prisoners insulted and beat Vahid. He then asked the authorities to respond. But unfortunately even principal of the ward did not accept to visit him.”

This source stated about the health condition of Mr. Sayadi, “Once he was examined, his blood pressure was 10 over 8 and his weight had reduced from 88kg to 85 kg. Besides, he fell in bathroom due to drop in blood pressure, and medical staff visited him in his cell.”

Need to be mentioned, appeal court of Vahid Sayad was held on December 14, 2016, but this prisoner has not received any sentence yet.

Previously, Mr. Sayad had started a hunger strike in protest to his undecided status on October 16, 2016. This political prisoner has been sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment, on charge of “sacrilege, insulting supreme leader and propaganda against the regime”. But after more than 13 months from his primary court, his appeal court had not been scheduled.

Following a long hunger strike, his appeal court was scheduled and Vahid Sayad ended his strike.

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