3 Bahai Civilians Tried by the Revolutionary Court of Mashhad

HRANA News Agency – Three Baha’i residents of Mashhad named; Khashayar Tafazoli, Shayan Tafazoli and Sinai Aghdaszadeh, were tried by the Islamic Revolutionary Court, in Mashhad.

According to the report of Human Rights News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the court hearing for Khashayar Tafazoli, Shayan Tafazoli and Sinai Aghdaszadeh, three Baha’i residents of Mashhad, accused with “propaganda against the regime through the Baha’i propaganda”, was held in Branch 8 of Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mashhad on January 28.

A source close to these citizens told HRANA’s reporter: “Due to lack of time, the trial was not finished and the next meeting was scheduled for February 13.”

These three Baha’is had been detained in July 2012, from three weeks to a month and a half. The mentioned trial is held for the same case.

It is noteworthy, three members of a Baha’i family and residents of Mahshad; Manochehr Kholosi and his two daughters; Nika and Nava, are now serving imprisonment sentences in Vakil Abad prison.

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