Arash Sadeghi Transferred to Ward 350 of Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Arash Sadeghi who had gone on hunger strike, concurrent the re-arrest of Golrokh Irai, his wife, was transferred recently to ward 350 where he has the minimum contact with outside.
According to the report of Human Rights News Agency in Iran (HRANA), this prisoner, who had started his second hunger strike after 71 days of hunger strike in the first go, is in a poor health condition and lack of medical care.
Mr. Sadeghi had been transferred to ward 2-A of the Revolutionary Guards, in Evin prison, “under the pretext of” transition to hospital, and after three days he was transferred to ward 350. His personal belongings including his “watch and wedding ring” have disappeared in this moving.
Arash Sadeghi, civil activist imprisoned in Evin Prison, had started a hunger strike, demanding a fair trial for his wife, Golrokh Irai and then ended after 71 days with the promise of helping by the authorities on January 3.
However, after two weeks of sending Golrokh on leave, and while Arash had ended his hunger strike, the authorities breached their promise and arrested Mrs Irai and returned her to prison, on January 22, so Arash, despite his very critical physical condition due to his long term hunger strike went on hunger strike again, to protest against the authorities breach of promises.
At the same time of Mr. Sadeghi’s second hunger strike, security forces transferred him to ward 2-A of the Revolutionary Guards and then to ward 350, to a quite isolated ward with a handful prisoners there.
A close relative of Sadeghi family told HRANA’s reporter: “At the moment Arash is held in ward 350, which has no phones and he is still on hunger strike. Arash was kidnapped under the pretext of taking to hospital, and after holding him in ward 2-A, he was transferred to ward 350. His personal belongings, including his watch and wedding ring were stolen in this moving.”
It should be mentioned that, specialist hospital doctor confirmed that he had stomach bleeding up to 12.5%, shortage of hemoglobin (anemia), serious and severe lung infection and had to be hospitalized for at least 4 to 5 days.
However, due to the prosecutor’s, prison security’s and Sarallh Corps’ pressures and despite the doctors’ resistance, he was returned to Evin prison.
It should be noted that the leave order for Arash Sadeghi which was issued on collateral, is now applicable, but this prisoner is still deprived of being sent on leave.

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