20 Plain-Clothes Agents Raided the Office of Azad University’s Board of Trustees at Night

HRANA – In the early hours of Thursday, May 27th, more than twenty armed plain-clothes agents raided the office of the Board of Trustees, the office of the Founder, and the Office for the Center of Advanced Arts and Sciences at Azad University and illegally entered the premises.

According to Safir News, the University’s Board of Trustrees issued a statement that during this illegal four-hour raid, the agents used force, threats, and handcuffs against the building’s guards and rushed into a number of administrative offices and proceeded to trash the premises as they inspected every corner of the offices. They then confiscated a number of records, documents, computers and other material, a comprehensive list of which is not yet available.

According to the report, the plain-clothes agents claimed to have a representative of the prosecutor’s office and a judge in their midst and further claimed to carry a warrant from the prosecutor to enter the premises.  However, the Judicial Authorities had not, and have not yet, contacted Azad University authorities with regards to the raid nor have they provided them with any official news on this matter.

According to Office of University Board of Trustees’ statement, this raid has come in the wake of recent escalation in anti Azad University activities, following the announcement of illegal changes to the University’s By-Laws as well as appointment of new members to the Board of Trustees, and other similar illicit assemblies by a number of plain-clothes individuals in front of different University offices.

Azad University’s Board of Trustees Office has called on legal and judicial authorities to conduct an urgent and immediate investigation of these recent anti University activities.

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