3 Prisoners Hanged at Central Prison of Zahedan

HRANA News Agency – In the morning of 27th December, 3 prisoners were executed at the yard of Central prison of Zahedan by hanging.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), at the dawn of 27th December, 3 prisoners were executed in the yard of Central Prison of Zahedan by hanging.

Bahram Balouchi was one of them who were sentenced to death on charge of corruption on earth and Mohammad Paseban, the other prisoner, was charged with drug related crimes.

There is no information about the third prisoner’s name and his accusations, so far.

An informed source told HRANA’s reporter, “Before transferring these prisoners to solitary confinements and visiting their families for the last time, prison authorities disconnected all the phones of the prison and after the executions, the phones were reconnected.”

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