3 Prisoners Live in Limbo in Prison of Sanandaj

HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners with drug and criminal charges in Sanandaj Central Prison still face the prolongation of the proceedings, despite years of waiting and changes in requirements in their cases. The prisoners are protesting against this situation.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), three prisoners at the central prison of Sanandaj have been deprived of their human rights and legal rights, due to prolongation of proceedings for years and they are protesting against the current situation and calling on the judicial body to pay attention to their inhumane conditions.
The details about the status of these three prisoners are as follows:
1. Reza Jalali, son of Karamollah, from Nahavand, have been held in Kermanshah and Sanandaj prisons on charge of murder, since 2006. It has been one and a half year that he has obtained the consent of the next of kin, but Sanandaj court has been refusing to release him since 10 years ago.
2. Shoresh Moradi, son of Ahmad, accused with murder and armed robbery, it has been 7 years that he is being held in Sanandaj prison without a verdict. He has decided to go on hunger strike for several times to protest against his condition.
3. Amir Heydari, son of Hossein, was sentenced to death in 2008 on charge of keeping 120 grams of crack, and then due to lack of evidence the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2014. However, after two years, the verdict has been sent to the enforcement office in Sanandaj prison but has not been communicated to him or his lawyer so far.

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