4 Political Prisoners Released from Evin and Rajai Shahr Prisons

HRANA News Agency – Mahmood Beheshti Langaroodi, teacher and union activist who was on the 22nd day of hunger strike, was released and sent to his house. Kayvan Mehregan, poet and journalist, who was in furlough was released on parole. Rasould Badaghi, union activist has been released on the bail and Mehdi Motamedi Mehr, other political prisoner is sent to a 5-day furlough.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mahmood Beheshti Langaroodi, imprisoned teacher and member of Teachers Association of Iran, who had been hospitalized due to bad condition after his hunger strike, was released on the bail, until his retrial session.
He was on the 22nd day of his hunger strike when he left the hospital and went directly to his house.
Mahmood Beheshti Langarodi is former spokesperson of Teachers Association. He had been sent to furlough after a 21-day hunger strike, in protest to the 9 years in prison sentence which was issued after a trial behind the closed doors and without jury. He was sent back to the prison after rejection of extending the furlough on January 14, 2016.
Kayvan Mehregan
Kayvan Mehregan, journalist and political activist was released on parole.
Afsaneh Barchakani, Mr. Mehregan’s wife told to Jamaran website that the judge has accepted the parole request and he has been released.
Kayvan Mehregan, journalist and political activist, was sentenced to one year in prison, 5 years deprivation from journalistic, political, social activities and also activities in the internet, on charge of propaganda against the regime, in branch number 15 of the revolutionary court by judge Salavati. He was sent to prison unexpectedly in September 2015.
He had been imprisoned in December 2010 and was released on the bail after two months, and was arrested again in 2009 and released on a 1000 million IRR bail.
Rasoul Badaghi
Rasould Badaghi, political prisoner and former member of Teachers Association of Iran, was arrested in hospital, when he was visiting Mahmood Beheshti, who was hospitalized after his long hunger strike. He was also released from Evin prison on the bail.
Mr. Badaghi had been released recently after serving 7 years in prison.
Mehdi Motamedi Mehr
According to Kalameh News Agency, Mehdi Motamedi Mehr, member of Freedom Movement of Iran was sent to a 5-day furlough.
This political activist was sentenced to 5 years in prison in branch number 28 of the revolutionary court, on charges like membership in Freedom Movement of Iran, attending Ashoura protest, and writing critical articles. This sentence was confirmed in the appeal court.
This member of “the committee of free, intact and fair election” was arrested for the first time in 2009, for allegedly playing a role in writing a request for international supervision on the 10th presidential elections, and was released after 45 days of solitary confinement. The second time, he was arrested after 2009 Ashoura incidents, and charged with attendance in protests and was released after nearly two months on March 1st.
Mr. Motamedi is serving his sentence since February 2013, in Rajaei Shahr prison.

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