4 Prisoners Ended their Hunger Strike in Ardebil Prison

HRANA News Agency – By improvement in the situation and promises by the Ardebil prison authorities, four prisoners of conscience detained in this prison ended their hunger strike.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Morteza Parvin, Mustafa Parvin, Saeed Sadeghifar and Saleh Pichganloo, four Turkish activist who were on the 6th day of their hunger strike in separate calls with their families said that their condition had modestly improved and they were transferred to the general ward’s rooms and prison authorities had promised improvements in their situation so they have ended their hunger strike.
This is while Morteza Parvin is still suffering from severe back pain and stomach ache and has said that he could not sleep during the nights because of the back pain. This issue has caused more concern by his family members and relatives.
Also, according to these prisoners, due to the directive that has been communicated to the Central Prison of Ardabil; prisoners, who has 3 months or less of their sentence, due to the general amnesty will be released from prison, and if there is no discrimination between prisoners of conscience and other prisoners, it is likely that some of these people will be released in the coming days.
It is to say that, these people have been arrested and are serving their sentence because, in separate cases, have attempted to protest against the “Fitileh” program and attended Takhti stadium in Ardabil and raised a banner to support Abbas Lesani and other Turkish (Azari) political prisoners, and among them, Saleh Pichganloo has a total of 6 months and one day imprisonment and thirty lashes, Morteza and Mustafa Parvin 3 months and thirty lashes each, and Saeed Sadeghifar was sentenced to 3 months and one day imprisonment.
These prisoners’ sentences of lashes were executed in recent days in Ardabil prison.

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