4 Sunni Civilians in a Bad Condition in IRGC Detention Center of Uremia

HRANA News Agency – Tens of civilians from Boukan were arrested by security forces, on October 6, and released on the bail gradually. However, 4 persons are still in detention centre of IRGC of Uremia in a very bad condition. Reports are stating bad behavior towards these civilians like beating and even torturing them.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), security forces had raided in a cooperative operation to many houses in Boukan and suburb of Boukan, and arrested many. The arrestees were reported to be young and even Imams of some of the mosques and their students.
Most of them were released on the bail, but still 4 of these Sunni citizens, with the names of Abdulghafoor Asouwar, Yaghoub Noureh, Kamal Aliaghdam and Haxhar Fareghi are being kept in detention centre of the IRGC of Uremia, located in Tabriz-Uremia road.
A close source to the families of these arrestees told HRANA’s reporter, “Abdulghafoor Asouwar’s family had visited him two weeks ago. They didn’t let them talk so much. Besides, two officers were present during the visit. He has become very weak and signs of mental and physical tortures could be seen”.
This course continued, “Authorities told these families that the case was completed and would be sent to the court soon”.
Need to be mentioned, there is no information about the allegations of these Sunni citizens. Hence close sources to these citizens point out the possibility of relation between their religious faction and their allegations.

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