42 Sunni Prisoners Transferred To Hall 21 Of Ward 7 Of Rajai Shahr Prison

HRANA News Agency – 42 Sunni prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison were suddenly transferred to hall 21 of ward 7. This sudden decision and lack of facilities in the new ward, has sparked protests from the prisoners.

According to HRANA’s sources, Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran, the hall 21 of ward seven in Rajai Shahr prison has no basic facilities, proper and adequate lighting and heating and despite the cold weather, its windows are open with no glass.

According to the informed sources, the bathrooms and shower rooms have also many problems and the gas ovens have been reported as inappropriate.

The transferred prisoners have said that during last 4 years they have done a lot of reparse and bought many things on their expenses and they are not able to pay again for the same things.

Rajai Shahr prison officials have not mentioned the reason of this decision.

Khosrow Sharafipour, Borhan Asgharian, Kambiz Abbasi, Saleh Adeli, Hiva Osmani, Ismael Bukani, Hiva Bukani, Fouad Babaei, Firoz Hamidi, Anwar khezri, Davood Abdullahi, Ali Karimi, Farhad Salimi, Jamshid Pierroti, Shoresh Ayneh Buchanan, Solaiman Pierroti, Amin Taleshi, Kamran Iraqi, Moslem Kurdi, Namaghi Deldel, Ghasem Absten, Khosrow Besharat, Kamran Sheikheh, Osman Ghodrat, Farzad Hosseini, Yasser Sharafipoor, Vahed Sharafipoor, Erfan Naderizadeh, Rahmat Khosh Khah, Shoresh Krykar and Vali Hasan Sheweilian, are the names of some of the prisoners who have been transferred.

By transferring these prisoners, most of those who remained in hall 10 are the death row Sunni prisoners.

Hall ten (Ward 4) of Rajai Shahr prison, is for Sunni prisoners many of whom have been sentenced to death. There is no exact information about these prisoners’ charges, and prison authorities usually accuse them with “Salafism” and acts of violence, but most of the prisoners denied the accusations and have announced “Missionary activities” as the reason for their arrest and conviction.

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