5 Facebook Activists Released from Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Fariborz Kardar, Masoud Ghasemkhani, Masoud Talebi, Amir Golestani, Amin Akramipoor, prisoners known as “Facebook activists”, were released on parole from Evin prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), at least five prisoners of Evin prison with the names of Fariborz Kardar, Masoud Ghasemkhani, Masoud Talebi, Amir Golestani and Amin Akramipoor were released on parole.
Because of the parole, these people are facing 5 conditional years in prison. They have to show up at appointed security or police office during these 5 years.
The “Facebook activists” case has 8 defendants, and they were arrested on charged of insulting officials or sacrilege.
The trial of the case was carried out in branch number 6 of Shahid Moghadas court of Evin by prosecutor Naseri, and the case was then sent to branch number 28 of the revolutionary court.
Judge Moghiseh of branch number 26 of the revolutionary court sentenced them to the accumulation of 128 years in prison, in May 2014.
The appeal court’s session was conducted on September 28 in branch number 54 of the court of appeal by judge Arab. The court has announced no decision yet.
According to the issued sentences by the primary court Amin Akramipoor (arrested on November 30, 2013) was sentenced to 13 years, Amir Golestani (Arrested on September 20, 2013) was sentenced to 20 years, Masoud Ghasemkhani (arrested on November 1, 2013) was sentenced to 19 years and 91 days in prison, Seyed Masoud Talebi was sentenced to 15 years and a day, Fariborz Kardarfar was sentenced to 18 years and 91 days, Mehdi Rayshahri (arrested on November 23, 2013) was sentenced to 11 years, Roya Saberi (arrested on November 1, 2013) was sentenced to 20 years and one day in prison and Naghmeh Shahsavandi Shirazi (had been released on the bail) was sentenced to 7 years and 91 days in prison.
The parole had been rejected for a long time, but finally it was accepted, and after serving three years, 5 of these prisoners were released.
Respectively 12, 8, and 10 months of the sentences of Amir Golestani, Faribourz Kardar and Masoud Ghasemkhani are left. Also 4 years of the sentence of Masoud Taleb and Amin Akramipoor are left.

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