8 Arab Activists Sentenced to Death and Imprisonment

HRANA News Agency – Ahwaz Revolutionary Court sentenced two defendants to death on charge of forming “Jond al-Farooq”, and sentenced another 6 defendants from 3 to 25 years imprisonment. The eight defendants are from Arab community of Khuzestan Province who have been detained since 2015.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Branch one of Ahvaz Revolutionary Court has communicated the sentences of eight defendants of the case of a group known as “Jond al-Farooq”.
These people who are mostly residents of the city of Shush and its suburbs were charged with “Moharebeh through formation of Jond-al-Faroogh, membership in opposition groups and propaganda against the regime”. Under the verdict the defendants in the first and second row, named Abdullah Abdullahi (33, from Shavour District) and Ghasem Bait Abdullah (from Darchal village) were sentenced to death.
Other sentences have also been delivered to the defendants as follows;
Ahmed Abdullahi (30, resident of Shush), 25 years imprisonment, Majed Bait Abdullah (23, resident of Khalaf Moslem village), 25 years imprisonment, Hassoun Bait Abdullah, son of Abbas (31 years old, Darchal village), 25 years imprisonment, Hussein Abdullahi (24, resident of Shavour District) sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, Isa Abdullahi (30) and Majid Abdullahi (24) also to 3 years imprisonment.
It should be noted that these people were arrested by security forces in their houses on October 16, 2015. Ahmad, Majid and Hassoun Abdullahi were transferred to Masjed Soleiman Prison after interrogations.
The defendants in the first and second row of the case have been kept at the Shoush Intelligence Detention Center for the entire duration of about 2 years and are now in the detention center of the Ahvaz City Intelligence Office. These two defendants were kept out of contact with their families during this period.
Some of the defendants were also released on the bail.

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