8 executions including 2 public ones in recent 24 hours

HRANA News Agency – There have been 8 prisoners hanged including 2 public ones during recent 24 hours in 3 different cities.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 6 prisoners were hanged on charge of murder in Rajai Shahr prison yesterday morning.


These prisoners are identified as: Ali Taher Nezhad, Mohsen Rahmati, Shahriar Mozaffari, Meysam Chanbari, Mohammad Meghdadi and Mohammad Baba Ali.


According to this report, Meysam Chanbari was under age when he was arrested.


There has been also a public execution in Shiraz.


According to the report of Fars News Agency, a prisoner has been executed on charge of murder and robbery in public in Shiraz. Another prisoner has been sentenced to amputation on the same charges.


2 prisoners had been also executed on the same charges at the same place last week.


The other public execution was in Khoy.


The prosecutor of Khoy announced the execution of a prisoner on charge of murder in public, reported the IRIB.

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