A Daily Overview of Human Rights Violations in Iran for December 6, 2018

The following is an overview of human rights violations in Iran on December 6th, 2018 based on the information compiled and verified by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA).

(1)12 Prisoners Were Executed in Kerman Prison

(2) Five Arab Prisoners of Masjed Soleyman Prison Were Denied Medical Care

(3) A Report of Suicide Cases and Self-immolation in Iran in November 2018

(4) Undisclosed Reason for Death of a Prisoner in Ardabil Prison

(5) A lawyer’s Solidarity with Fellow Imprisoned Lawyers

(6) Three Zahedan Residents Were Arrested

(7) Four Workers’ Protests Were Reported

(8) A Student Injured Because of Physical Punishment

(9) More from Iran

(1) 12 Prisoners Were Executed in Kerman Prison

At least 12 prisoners have been executed this morning in the province of Kerman’s prison. HRANA has confirmed the identity of six of the executed prisoners. Most of the executed prisoners have been accused of narcotics-related crimes. According to the international institutions, Iran ranks number one in executing its citizens relative to the number of executions per population. The human rights activists in Iran, has published its annual report on the status of executions in Iran in accordance with the world day against the death penalty on October 10th. In a year period (from October 2017 to October 2018) there has been 256 cased of executions reported from which 15 death penalties have been carried out in public. Also, 68% of the executions are not reported by the governmental or judicial authorities which are known as “secret executions”.

(2) Five Arab Prisoners of Masjed Soleyman Prison Were Denied Medical Care

Five prisoners of Masjed Soleyman prison who are suffering from disease and unfavorable prison conditions have been denied medical care and hospital visits. They are identified as Rahman Asakereh from Ramshir, Ali Halafi from Hamidieh, Hassan Abdollahi, Ahmad Abdollahi and Hossein Taai. In an another event, Saeed Shirzad, a prisoner of Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, was transferred to Madani hospital for a severe kidney pain this week. He has been diagnosed with shrinkage in his right kidney and a cyst in the other kidney. His medical issues are a result of not receiving proper medical care in prison and being denied hospital visits. He has gone on several long-term hunger strikes.

(3) A Report of Suicide Cases and Self-immolation in Iran in November 2018

In less than a month, seven citizens have taken their lives by suicide and self-immolation in Ilam, Miandoab, Piranshahr, Bookan, Paveh, Divandareh, and Oshnavieh. Their information is as following: Farzaneh Pak Ari and Farid Bastami in Ilam, Rahim Naghibzadeh in Piranshahr, Narmin Samadi in Bookan, Aran Heidary in Paveh, Behnam Naderi in Divandareh, and Troskeh Rasoulian in Oshnavieh. In November, at least nine citizens including five women, a teenager and three men in Sardasht, Piranshahr, Marivan, Baneh, Ravansar, Bandar Torkaman and Kermanshah have commited suicide and self-immolation for reasons such as poverty, economic hardship, and family conflict.

(4)Undisclosed Reason for Death of a Prisoner in Ardabil Prison

Abdolhossein Shokri, a 70 years old prisoner in the ward one of Ardabil prison has been confirmed dead due to unknown causes. A source close to him told HRANA that he had an argument with the warden last week and he had been transferred to an unknown place since then. On Monday, he had been taken back to the ward and he passed away at three in the morning of December 6th, 2018.

(5)A Lawyer’s Solidarity with Fellow Imprisoned Lawyers

Amir Reisian, the attorney at law, rebuked lawyers, Amirsalar Davoudi and Arash Keykhosravi, imprisonment and emphasized that arresting lawyers because they defend their clients and people inside and outside of the court resembles arresting human rights and justice system.

(6)Three Zahedan Residents Were Arrested

Three Zahedan residents, Mohammadgol Shahbakhsh, Abdolhamid Shahbakhsh and Saeed Shahbakhsh  were arrested by security forces and transferred to Zahedan prison on September 28th, 2018 after being held and tortured for a month. In another report on Monday, a Sunni clergy was imprisoned in wand three of this prison, Molavi Amanollah Baloch Zehi, was transferred to the Intelligence Office detention center and was moved to an unknown place in Tehran. Abbas Vahedian Shahroudi, a writer and civil activist who resides in Mashhad, has been transferred to the Intelligence Office detention center since 29 November 2018. He was accused of acting against national security and overthrowing the government in Mashhad court on 21st of November. He was arrested on October 11 by security forces.

(7)Four Workers’ Protests Were Reported

Masoud Salmanzadeh, the deputy director of urban services of Abadan reported that waste accumulation in third municipality district is the reason of workers’ strike. The workers have not been working for few days and it resulted in shut down of city municipality. Also, the workers of Pegah Milk company are protesting over the ownership of a 15000 sq. meter land in Hakimieh district in Tehran which has been allocated earlier by the factory toward workers’ housing. The land’s ownership has been sold to a third party. In addition, more than ten workers of Ahvaz Steel Company were summoned and threatened. They were contacted by phone and were summoned to intelligence services. After their appearance, they were threatened not to pursue their demands and refrain from protesting. In addition, on December 6th, workers and employees of Imam Khomeini hospital protested by the Alborz governor’s office. One of the protesters said that the Imam Khomeini hospital has gone bankrupt because of mismanagement and they could not pay the employees for a year now.

(8)A Student Injured Because of Physical Punishment

Last month, a second-grade math teacher slapped a student, hitting his head to a wall, that led to a fracture in his nose and cheekbones. The student later had to undergo a surgery. The student’s father has filed a complaint. The school officials have rejected the father’s claim before his complaint. It is illegal in Iranian schools to physically punish a student according to the law.

(9)More from Iran:

The Guardian Council has filed a complaint for Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of the parliament, accusing him of “dissemination of falsehoods” and “disconcerting public opinion”.

A Kulbar from Urmia has been killed by the border patrol’s direct shot in the mountains of Oshnavieh city. Another Kulbar was injured by a similar incident around the mountainous borders of Urmia.

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