A Group of Prisoners Transferred to Solitary Confinement in Rajaiee Shahr Prison

HRANA – Following the release of two videos chronicling torture and rape in Rajaiee Shahr Prison, a group of prisoners from one of the prison’s wards were transferred to solitary confinement.
According to information received by HRANA reporters, political prisoner Javid Tehrani and a number of other prisoners in Ward 1 of Rajaiee Shahr prison, including Bahram Tasviri, one of the rape victims, were transferred to solitary confinement.
At the time of their transfere, prison authorities claimed that these prisoners would be taken to Forensic Pathology for investigation of their claims of torture, but contrary to this claim, all the men were moved to solitary confinement cells known as “Suites”.
It should be noted that prisoner Mohsen Beikvand was taken to solitary confinement prior to the latest transfers.
Considering the authorities’ lack of respect for prisoners’ rights, the prisoners who have been taken to solitary confinement are at risk of torture; especially since the security apparatus has sent a team from Tehran in order to discover how the videos were recorded and sent to the outside.

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