Rasoul Badaghi Transferred to Unknown Location

HRANA – Rasoul Badaghi, a former officer of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) and member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Teachers Union, has been transferred to an unknown location.
According to a report by Human Rights and Democracy Activists, after being severely beaten by prison authorities, Rasoul Badaghi was taken out of Ward 6 at Rajaiee Shahr prison on Sunday and transferred to an unknown location.
The continued threatening and intimidation of other prisoners indicates that the beating of this imprisoned teacher had been planned by Intelligence Ministry interrogators and put into action by prison authorities.
In addition, Ahmad Zaydabadi was transferred from Ward 6 to Ward 2 of Rajaiee Shahr prison (also known as the Addicts Ward) for protesting against the inhumane treatment of Rasoul Badaghi.

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