Amir Amirgholi Joined the Hunger Strikers in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – While physical condition of prisoners on hunger strike is becoming critical, Evin prison authorities increased pressure on these prisoners. Arash Sadeghi was threatened to be transferred to ward number 4 on day 24th of his strike. Mahdi and Hossain Rajabian were transferred to ward number 4 on the 20th day of their strike. Meanwhile there is no information about Ali Shariati on the 17th day of his strike. It is reported that Amir (Ali) Amirgholi started hunger strike in protest to being injured by a foreign prisoner and lack of life safety in ward number 8. Sabri Hasanpoor who was transferred to Evin clinic following his heart attack, has been transferred to ward number 4 as a punishment of signing the support letter of prisoners on strike, and started a strike and refused to take his medicine. Vahid Sayadi Nasiri who was transferred to prison clinic on the 32nd day of his strike, refused to receive serum.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Arash Sadeghi has faced law blood pressure, kidney pain and water rejection by stomach. He was threatened to be exiled to ward number 4 of Evin prison that has less medical facility and more problems.
This civil rights activist who is serving his 19 years sentence, started his strike on October 24, in protest to illegal arrest of his wife Golrokh Irai.
Mehdi and Hossain Rajabian, two artist brothers who were kept in wards 7 and 8, have been transferred to ward number 4. This is while they are facing severe drop in blood pressure and Hossain’s left kidney’s infection became worse, and has Mehdi’s internal bleeding is becoming critical.
These brothers who were separated as punishment and transferred to ward 7 and 8, are in hunger strike since October 28.
There is no information about the condition of Ali Shariati on his 17th day of hunger strike and Morteza Moradpoor on the 20th day of hunger strike.
It is reported from ward number 8 that Amir (Ali) Amirgholi, other political prisoner, has been beaten by a foreign prisoner. Mr. Amirgholi who went for the family visit with bloody dress, announced his hunger strike in protest to violation of separation of prisoner’s act and lack of life-safety in the prison.
A close source to Amirgholi’s family told HRANA’s reporter, “a Somalis prisoner beat Amir in a way that his cheek was torn”.
Also, Sabri Hasanpoor, other political prisoner of ward number 8, who is suffering from heart disease, and was transferred to prison clinic following his heart attack, has been transferred to ward number 4 as a punishment, for signing a support letter for prisoners on strike. This prisoner started his protest by refusing to take his medicine.
Vahid Sayadi Nasiri, who was transferred to the clinic on the 32nd day of his strike and refused to receive serum was transferred to ward number 4 again. He published a short note a copy of which was received by HRANA.
Mr. Sayadi who is on dry strike since 4 days ago and after his transfer to ward number 4, has written: “Today, I am on the 32nd day of my strike which is for seeking justice in order to force them to follow the rule that is been written by them so that I can end this condition. I will never forget last year. When in solitary confinement I had no information about you, and they did not let us talk in our best days of our life, our anniversary, even for few minutes. It was so hard that it was impossible to describe the love to interrogator. It is now a year from that day. I am facing a condition that an Arian, patriot, and freedom lover would face. I take your hand warmly, kiss them and bow toward your sacrifice. Remind that there were a lot of self-devoting women like you in our Arian history that stood and showed patience and resisted and helped their partners and created epic moments for the country. Certainly your and other women’s who are in the same condition patience is encouraging people. We have a responsibility about our heritage and have to be able to answer to the future generations, that our children could live long in prosperous land”.
Vahid Sayadi Nasiri, other political prisoner of Evin prison started his hunger strike on October 16, in protest to being held in limbo, and undecided status of his case for 13 months. Mr. Sayadi was sentenced to 8 years in prison on charges of sacrilege, insulting supreme leader and propaganda against the regime, but after 13 months his appeal court session is yet be held.

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