Bahai home and business searched in Rasht

HRANA News Agency – On the morning of November 17, one agent from the Ministry of Intelligence, accompanied by two staff members from the Revolutionary Court pretended that they were from the Post Office, to enter a Bahai home in Rasht.

According to Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the house is home to four Bahais: Foad Yazdani, Peyman Yazdani, Navid Yazdani  and Nima Najafai.

The intruders had a “search warrant” which proved to be a handwritten note without a judicial seal from the Court. The searched the house thoroughly and seized all the books, CDs, flash drives and any paper with handwriting on it.

They then required the four Bahais to accompany them to their place of work, although the search warrant only referred to the home address.

The business was searched, and items that included cutsomers’ appliances waiting to be repaired were seized. The officers then went to those non-Bahai customers whose contact information had been recorded, and interrogated them.

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