Baha’i women are in intolerable condition in the Semnan prison

HRANA News Agency – Imprisoned Baha’i women are suffering a very tough and inhuman condition in the women ward of the Semnan central prison and spending imprisonments’ duration became intolerable for them.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the food quality provided by prison reported inappropriate and uneatable and since the prisoners found glass splinters in their food most of them do not eat and because prisoners have no direct access to the prison shop and the left over of men wards will be available in the shop for women, then most of imprisoned women go to bed hungry including three Baha’i women who are imprisoned with their infants.
There is no categorization for prisoners in this prison and Baha’is imprisoned with drug prisoners, thefts, murders and non-Iranian prisoners which made the condition intolerable for those three Baha’i prisoners with their infants.
In the other hand Baha’i prisoners’ condition became more tough because they have to sleep with their infants on the floor because of lack of beds.
Also women and children’s protection association assigned an amount of money to each imprisoned kid but none of three Baha’i kids benefited of that money because of being Baha’i.
The followings are names of imprisoned women in Semnan prisoner:
1-Taraneh Torabi with infant
2- Anissa Fanaiyan
3- Shohreh A’zami
4- Zohreh Nik’aien with infant
5- Jinous Nourani
6- Roufia Beydaghi
7- Neda Majidi with infant

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