The ‘Bloody Ring’ of Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj

HRANA News Agency – At least two of the prisoners of ward 6 in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, committed suicide, to protest at being exiled to Hall 11 of ward 4, known as the “Bloody Ring.” The term in this prison refers to the halls which are used by prison officials to put those who have problems with each other or mafia gangs within the prison, and are created and managed for clearing between prisoners. Recently, at least six other prisoners in similar protests committed suicide or self-mutilation.
An informed source, regarding the condition of Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj told HRANA’s reporter: “When the transfer order was issued, Navid Yaghmai tried to protest against that by cutting his hand to committee suicide, and Amir Nemati known as A’del, also committed self-mutilation to avoid going there and gave ultimatum that if they would transfer him he would commit suicide, but “Hassan Kurd”, head of the ward 6, and head of the Rajai Shahr prison’s security, threatened him and took him and transferred him by force.”
The informed source also said: “Hassan Kurd, the head of Ward 6, in these days has transferred about 20 prisoners from this ward to Hall 11 of ward 4, and following this transfer a number of them attempted suicide or self-inflicted. Hassan Kurd always threatens prisoners that, ‘if you create any problems here then I will transfer you to that ward, you will be killed by knife or sharpened stuff and it will cost us nothing.’”
The source emphasized that: “Hassan Kurd is one of officials at Rajai Shahr prison who creates violent conflicts between prisoners which results sometimes in killings, especially in Halls known as Blood Rings, such as killings last year during Iranian New Year’s day.”
It should be stressed, the authorities of Rajai Shahr prison have arranged some of the halls of the prison with specific inmates together in a deliberate arrangement to have deadly exile and use it as a place for rogue prisoners.
HRANA had earlier gave the details of what the authorities do in this prison and about the victims, in its reports.

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