A Croatian-Swedish Arrested In Gorgan

HRANA News Agency – “Sania Bobnehvich”, Croatian-Swedish citizen living in Iran, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in Gorgan on 13th December.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ms. Sania Bobnehvich, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards, at her home in Gorgan, on Sunday 22nd December. The security forces in addition to arresting her also searched the house and confiscated some of her personal belongings.

Ms. Sania Bobnehvich is originally Croatian and has also Swedish citizenship and had moved to Iran in 2004.

It is said that a friend of Sania Bobnehvich was arrested along with her.

Sania Bobnehvich, 48, suffers from MS and is under treatment and is in a very special diet and also needs special medicines that have been sent from Sweden to her. One of the reasons for her stay in Iran, and not returning to Sweden, is “exposure to the sun on the advice of doctors”.

Last week also two authors; Roozbeh Gilasian and Elaheh Soroshnia were arrested in Gorgan.

There is no information regarding the charges and the reasons for their arrest but it is said that these detainees are under the interrogation in intelligence office in Gorgan.

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