Former Political Prisoners Forough Taghipour & Marzieh Farsi Detained in Tehran

Former Political Prisoners Frough Taghipour & Marzieh Farsi Detained in Tehran

Forough Taghipour and Marzieh Farsi, former political prisoners, were arrested by security forces in Tehran on August 21.

A source, closely tied to the families, confirmed their arrest to HRANA. As of this moment, the detainees have not been able to reach out to their families, although indications suggest that they might have been transferred to Evin Prison.

Of particular concern is the health of Mrs. Farsi, who is battling cancer and requires immediate access to her medication, a pressing issue that has raised alarm within her family.

It’s worth noting that they have a history of previous convictions and incarceration related to their activism.


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