Four activists and two citizens of Republic of Azerbaijan are arrested

HRANA News Agency – Four citizens from Tabriz and two citizens of Azerbaijan Republic are arrested by the security forces.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), two of arrested men are from Republic of Azerbaijan who one of them is Khaledeh Khaled the writer and scientific board member of Republic of Azerbaijan science academy.
Khaledeh arrested with his colleague and four civic activists whose names are Ashigh Isa Gharekhani, Mohammad Rashidi, Amir Hadian and Farhadi who is a writer at Mohammad Rashidi’s home.
According to a relative of one of the arrested activists, the arrested ones met each other in an athenaeum to share ideas and thoughts.
Meanwhile the security agents invaded to the house of Mohammad Rashidi’s father, intimidated them, inspected the house and took away Mohammad Rashidi’s personal belongings such as computer and his books.
There is no news of their place and condition but probably they are in detention center of Tabriz intelligence.

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