Four death row prisoners transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – The four prisoners, who had been transferred to solitary confinement in Rajai Shahr Prison yesterday in order for their executions to be carried out, were transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison last night.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the families of the men were informed by a prison official that the men were due to be executed at 4 am this morning, but that the execution was not carried out. The execution has now been postponed, with the men remaining at risk of imminent execution.

The brother of one of the prisoners told the Human Rights Activists News Agency(HRANA), “We traveled from Sanandaj [on 13 June 2014] to meet with our loved ones, the meeting took place and officials confirmed that this was our final meeting.”

“However, last night officials did not give us a clear answer about the [prisoners’] location, and kept us in confusion with hours of contradictory words [by saying the prisoners were located] between the prisons of Evin, Ghezel Hesar and Rajai Shahr,” he said.

“Finally, an hour ago, it became clear that they were transferred to Ghezel Hesar Prison to be executed, but that their execution has not been carried out yet,” he said.

The four men, Hamed Ahmadi, Jamshed Dehghani, Jahangir Dehghani and Kamal Molayee, were accused of involvement in the killing of a cleric with ties to the government, despite the fact that the regime’s own records show that the men were arrested months before the killing, and were in detention at the time it took place.

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