From October to October: 488 executions in Iran, 333 on the row

HRANA News Agency – According to a report by the HRA’s Institute of Statistics and Publications, from 10th October 2011 until today, 488 people were executed in Iran. Meanwhile, 333 were sentenced to death and waiting for their executions.

According to this report, 12% of the executions were public executions. In comparison to last year, there is 19% increase. And, totally the number of executions is 1% more than last year. 40% of the executions were hidden and not reported by governmental media.

The HRA’s Institute of Statistics and Publications emphasizes this report is not complete because there is no exact information about the number of executions due to the lack of permission for media and human rights activists by Iranian regime in this case. This report only contains the number of executions released by governmental media officially plus the number of executions gained by the efforts of Human Rights defenders unofficially.


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