Greenhouse Owners Protested in Gilan Province

HRANA News Agency – Greenhouse owners in Golkhaneh town in Gilan province, a project which began 14 years ago to create jobs for agricultural graduates of this province in 130 pastures of hectares of bison herds of the three villages in the region of Kishestan Somesara in the first phase, in a demonstration called for the support of authorities.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), a budget of about 2000 billion IRR for the construction and commissioning of Golkhane town in Gilan was allocated in 2002 and the project was supposed to be built in an area of 400 hectares in three phases of manufacturing, export terminal, research center of plants and greenhouse so that agricultural graduated youth in the province and country could start their jobs there.

The greenhouse town is 15 kilometers far from Rasht and began in the first phase in an area of 130 hectares with the aim of creating jobs with the label of the “Largest greenhouse in the Middle East” which is “ridiculous” – as one of the greenhouse owners says. Integrated in a very weak way of designing, studying and implementation by the employer (Agricultural Jihad Organization of Gilan), the other phases of this project were stopped.

One of the greenhouse owners who is protesting against the lack of support by the authorities in this project, told HRANA’s reporter: “This town has so vast bulk of technical and non-technical flaws, which also are visible even for non-professional people.”

He added: “Such conditions which have made serious obstacles in the production along with the recent years’ specific economic conditions as well as extreme precipitation snow in 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2013 (which had not happened since 50 years ago) in Rasht, have led to serious and heavy damage on products and buildings, all together have made the situation so special and critical in this small part of the country.”

According to this greenhouse owner, the authorities were aware of the failure of the project but the ambition and determination of the workers which has proven, despite all the obstacles, they could produce, as more than 75% of the greenhouses are active.

Finally, after many years of keeping track of the greenhouse, writing letters, meetings and even corporate gatherings in front of the Parliament, management of the country plans and Gilan Governor have brought a small part of the issues to the attention of authorities, so that under a budget of 25 billion IRR was passed by the government to compensate the greenhouse members.

Now after 6 months since that resolution by the government, the management of the authorities of the province have taken no action and the banks are demanding their debts.

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