Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand on Hunger Strike in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, imprisoned journalist and head of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization, despite suffering from many diseases in advanced stages, has gone on hunger strike to protest the recent case against him, since May 8th. His relatives have explained the concerns in an interview with HRANA.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the family of Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, imprisoned journalist in ward 350 of Evin Prison, who is on hunger strike to protest against his situation and the new case being formed against him, are worried about the new case and his health condition.
A source close to Kaboudvand family in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter, by announcing this news, said: “Kabudvand family, in a meeting with him on Monday, realized that he had gone on hunger strike since Sunday, May 8th. When they asked about the reason, he said: ‘because they have formed cases against me before the Iranian New Year.’”
The source said: “The first concern of Mr. Kaboudvand’s family is that he has been summoned to the Shahid Moghadas court in Evin for three times, and they have formed new cases for him. Once, for his congratulatory message for Kobani, the second time, propaganda against the regime and the interrogator has told him that the Intelligence officers wanted to deport him to the prisons in the south of the country. The third time, he was interrogated regarding his university dissertation that has not been written and not been completed yet.  Mr. Kaboudvand has answered: ‘I have not written a treatise to give an answer for it.’”
He also emphasized: “Two weeks ago, Mr. Kaboudvand was informed that the aggregation rules will be applied in his case and 6 months of his imprisonment will be decreased, but after 3 days he was informed that the aggregation rules do not apply to him. Mr. Kaboudvand’s family are worried about the institutions eventually involved in his case which once say the rule will be applied and another time say no. This is an additional concern.”
The source by reminding the diseases of this imprisoned journalist and human rights activist, believes his health is his family’s main concern, and said: “His prostate problem has got worse and the last time that he was sent to Tajrish Hospital, after several examinations and tests, doctors said that his prostate had irregular growth and there was a risk of cancer. All his disease and hunger strike, new cases against him and the possibility of exile to south of the country, have concerned his family.”
It should be mentioned that, Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand is suffering from several diseases, including cardiovascular disease and prostate which he has got in the prison and a hunger strike is very bad for him and can put his health and life in danger.
Mohammad Sediq Kaboudvand has been arrested and imprisoned since July 1, 2007. He was tried in the Revolutionary Court in Tehran with charges of acting against the national security through founding and managing Kurdistan’s Human Rights Organization and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and for propaganda against the Islamic Republic regime was sentenced to one year imprisonment, therefor he has been sentenced to a total of eleven years imprisonment. The sentence of 10 years imprisonment for founding the organization, was confirmed by Branch 56 of the Appeal Court of Tehran province.
The case relating to the activities of the journalist who was sentenced to one year of imprisonment, 5 years ban from journalism and management of the publication, and cancellation of the publication license of “Payam e Mardom”, on charges of disturbing public opinion through his articles in “Payam e Mardom” by the Public and Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj, was reduced to 6 month imprisonment by Supreme Court, after being confirmed by appeal Court of Tehran province.
Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand is currently held in ward 350 of Evin prison.

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