Hossain Mehrandish Released on the Bail

HRANA News Agency – Hossain Mehrandish, a lawyer who had been arrested by the order of the judge in branch number 29 during defending his client in Shahid Madani court was released by the help of a group of lawyers and putting the bail. After being arrested and beaten in the head, he was transferred to a medical centre because of a heart failure where he was again beaten by an officer of police station number 148 of Enghelab.
A close source to Mr. Mehrandish’s family told HRANA’s reporter about the details of that incident, “Mr. Mehrandish was few minutes late in a session that he had in branch number 29 of Tehran, and realized that the secretary was reporting the absence of the lawyer. Mr. Mehrandish told him: ‘I am here, I was just a little bit late.’ Despite that, that secretary told him that he was late. The judge sided with the secretary, but he responded that ‘I am a lawyer and I have no reason to lie. If you want to side with your secretary that is your choice.’ Then the judge ordered him out of room and the security of court arrested him”.
This informed source continued, “[next day] by the suggestion of the head of the judicial branch, to visit the judge in branch number 29, just in case of any misunderstanding or conflicts. In this situation and while he was in the office of judge along with his wife, the judge claimed that he had used swear words. Mr. Mehrandish responded that ‘my wife is here and I swear in front of her that I did not say that.’ But the judge spit on the ground and said ‘spite to your wife.’ Then Mr.Mehrandish got in physical fight with the judge and the judge hit him on the head that eventually after the head injury and then heart failure, he ended up in a medical centre. The court authorities who wanted to escalate the situation, called the police. The rest can be seen in the video that has been publicized”.
This source stated, “after that they transferred Mr. Mehrandish to Khark court and another struggle happened and a bail of 2 billion IRR was issued for him but due to the end of working hours, he could not pay the bail and was transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison. With the help of his coworkers he was released from the prison one day later”.
This source also mentioned, “police officers who violated the law are also sued and under investigation”.

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