Increase in Domestic Violence in Tehran; More Than 16 Thousand Cases Were Filed


The head of the Medical Examiner’s Office of Tehran province, Masoud Ghadi pasha, announced that more than 16 thousand and 420 cases were reported to the Medical Examiner’s Office. Tehran has the sixth place in domestic violence in Iran. He added that the cases with injuries caused by fight was increased by 8.6 percent in 2018 compared to 2017. This numbers grows to 4.1 percent in the spring of 2019. Ghadi Pasha claimed that Tehran is a major hub to file a case with the Medical Examiner’s Office having 20 centers servicing the citizens and added that Tehran’s Medical Examiner’s Office conducts 19 per cent of all the Medical Examinations in the country. The Public Relation’s department of the Medical Examiner’s Office earlier announced that more than 153,000 cases of injuries in fight have filed a case this spring which shows an increase of 4.2 per cent compared to the same duration last year.

The national director of Iran’s social emergency hotline said that 30% of reports called into the center are flagging some form of “domestic violence,” 30% of which turn out to be child abuse cases. Of this 30%, 50% were related to educational negligence, 30% to physical abuse, 15% to psychological abuse, and 4% to sexual abuse of children.

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