Further information: 15 executions including political prisoners

HRANA News Agency – 15 Balooch prisoners were executed in prison of Chabahar on February 5th including those who were arrested on political charges.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on 5th of February 15 Balooch prisoners were executed secretly in Chabahar prison.
A relative of “Khosrow Barahoui” One of executed prisoners who requested anonymity said: “The family of Khosrow Barahoui and other hanged prisoners received a phone call from the ministry of intelligence for the last meeting in Chabahar prison but after meeting with the prisoners they had an accident on the way back due to snowfall and slippery roads.”

“After two days, with the cooperation of one of our acquaintances who were part of Chabahar city officials, the bodies were delivered to their families.” He said.
This source continued: “Another relative of our named “Afzal Rigi” was a businessman who has been also executed. After receiving his body and transferring it to Zahedan we buried him in Zahedan graveyard.”
“There have been 15 prisoners executed. One of them was named “Jemma (Jomeh) Barahoui” and the two others were two brothers from “Mir” tribe. The rest were from Chabahar who were executed on charge of involvement in the bombings in Tasooa last year.” He added.
They were in the coastal town of Gwadar in Pakistan’s Baluchistan and have been arrested and convicted to bombing when they return back to Iranian Baluchistan.
This source mentioned while arresting these people they were named as the reason of lack of safety by the government’s provincial network named “Hamoon”, however they did not give any proofs about these charges.

There is no more information about the reason of these executions and its details.

It is necessary to mention that on 26 of October some hours after the attack of Jaish-Aladl on border guards in Saravan of Zahedan, the prosecutor Mohammad Marziyeh announced that 16 Balooch prisoners (who were in prison at the time of the attack) were executed as revenge.

Many local authorities and international organizations condemned this act.

Also Local sources report that on the morning of Tuesday February 4th the security guards attempted to bury 7 unidentified bodies in the cemetery of Zahedan.


They have been probably executed since there are buried in the graves with no names.

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