No Information About Shapoor Rashno

HRANA News Agency – Despite appointing the files of Andimeshk city’s arrestees to branch number 3 of persecution office, there is no news about their allegations and whereabouts.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the persecutor office of Andimeshk has announced on Saturday that the arrestees’ cases have been sent to branch number 3 of this office.

Shapoor Rashno’s wife said HRANA’s reporter regarding the arrest of his husband and other civil rights activist of Andimeshk, “On Wednesday around 1:30 am between 15 to 20 officers rushed to our house and remained until 3 am. All of the people who have been arrested that night, were arrested in a same way and their house were rushed. They took all of the books, pamphlet, computers and cell phones of all of the resident of the house, even my husband’s brother and sister. They told us to keep quite that avoid the shame among the neighbors”.

The wife of this civil rights activist also mentioned that the officers had a warrant and an investigation order from the court and on Saturday the prosecutor office of Andimeshk had announced that the arrestee’s cases have been sent to branch number 3 of this office.

She continued, “They do not say the name of the detention centre. They are under interrogation and it might take one month. They are prohibited from any visit and had no contact and there is no news about them”.

Need to be mentioned that mother of Amir Rahimkhani who was arrested along with the others, has been released on 100 million Tomans bail yesterday.

The security forces raided to the houses of civil rights and labour activists of Andimeshk on Wednesday September 16. Shapoor Rashno, civil rights activist with tendencies close to National-Religious party, and some other civil rights and labour activists, including Ali Mohammad Jahangiri, Amir Rahimkhani and his mother, Ali Nejati (from Haft Tappeh labour syndicate) were also arrested.

Still there is no information about the motive and cause of this mass arrest operation in Andimeshk.

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