Interior ministry employees’ demonstrated

HRANA News Agency – The meeting of repine employees of Kohkilooyeh-Boyerahmad Governor-general office with the Governor-general was done without any result.

According to the provincial website report, an informed source said “The gathering of interior ministry employees (Governor-general and government office) started since 7 A.M. in front of Governor-general office and they did not allowed Governor-general to enter his office for one hour; But with mediation of police chief commander the gathering was continued in prayer room of Governor-general until 11 A.M.”

According to this report, due to an agreement a few of the repine employees and mediation of Mr. Sardar Adeli in Governor-general office held a meeting with Governor-general and expressed the objected points:

1 – Non-paid wages of the employees and following up until solving the issue

2 – Lack of following up in constructional demands of the province

 3- Mistreating the employees by the Governor-general

4- Negligence the welfare and issues of the employees and making obstacles for them

5-  Abulia and weakness of Governor-general’s administration skills and dissatisfaction of his administrating ways

In the end the meeting was over without a result.

This source said that “This gathering is not political at all and the employees reminded if the same issues will continue and their demands will be ignored then the same gatherings will repeat again.”

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