An Iranian computer expert was tried by the revolutionary court

HRANA News Agency – Morteza Taradiun, the Iranian computer network expert, who had served 6 months in Evin prison last year, has gone to trial again.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Morteza Taradiun, was arrested on charge of acts against national security and espionage for conflicting governments by hacking, on September 4, 2013. After two months in solitary confinements of ward 240, and two more months in ward 209, his was charged with collusion and action against national security.

Finally, he was released on 200 million Tomans bail.

A close source told HRANA’s reporter, “No evidences have been found regarding espionage of Morteza Taradiun and that is the reason of changing the charge from espionage to collusion”.

He added, “Morteza Taradiun has just performed pan testing, which is a common method for testing servers and networks. He did not receive any money from any site from inside or outside of Iran, and he is not a criminal or spy”.

Morteza Taradiun was put on trial without presence of lawyer and persecutor in branch number 15 of revolutionary court with chief judge Salavati, and currently is waiting for the sentence.

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