At Least 5 Political Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Different Prisons

HRANA News Agency – At least 5 political prisoners namely Ehsan Mazandarani, Jafar Aimzadeh, Rasul Razavi, Mohammad Abdullahi and Ayat Mehr Ali Beygloo are on hunger strike in different prisons, in protest to their conditions. The physical condition of some of them is reported to be critical.
According to the report of Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ehsan Mazandarani, Jafar Azimzadeh, Rasoul Razavi, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Mohammad Abdollahi and Ayat Mehr Ali Beygloo are still on hunger strike in Evin, Rajai Shahr, Urmieh and Tabriz prisons in protest to their situations. The physical condition of some of them has deteriorated.
Jafar Azimzadeh imprisoned labor activist is on the forty fifth day of his hunger strike in protest against “repression of activities of workers and teachers by the security charges”. The imprisoned labor activist has been transferred to hospital due to the deterioration of his condition at least 3 times and was returned to prison without maturity and without treatment. Mr. Azimzadeh, imprisoned labor activist was taken to Shohada Hospital on June 1, 2016, following the deterioration of his health condition and “an approximate conking of kidneys”, but after 4 hours of waiting, he was returned due to the lack of specialists. It is said that despite the order of the prosecutor of political prisoners, sabotage has been carried out at his transfer and hospitalization.
Jafar Azimzadeh, secretary of the board of the Free Trade Union of Workers in Iran was sentenced to six years imprisonment and two years deprivation of ‘activities in cyberspace and the media and the press’ by the Revolutionary Court in 2015. He is held in ward 8 of Evin prison.
Ehsan Mazandarani, imprisoned journalist has also gone on hunger strike since 29 days ago to protest against his detention and the way of investigating his case since entering ward 2-A of Evin prison. He is now in ward eight of Evin prison and was sentenced to seven years in prison by a primary court.
Sam Hosseini, Ehsan Mazandarani’s wife’s brother, in an interview with Radio Farda announced that Ehsan Mazandarani was transferred to Sina hospital of Tehran due to “Infection of the trachea, lung and colon” and family members were allowed to see him.
According to Mr. Hosseini, however on June 5, 2016, “one of the officers of the prison” while his sister and 11-year-old niece were in the room announced that they were not considered as first-degree relatives and outed them of the room with “obscenity”.
Kilometers far from the capital, Rasoul Razavi Turkish activists is on the 20th day of hunger strike in Tabriz Central Prison, protest to his detention and his trial. The prisoner announced that the end of the hunger strike is a matter of canceling the verdict by branches 2 and 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz and having a quite open and fair retrial. Despite the condition of the prisoner, he has so far not been taken to the hospital.
A source close to the Razavi family said about the general condition of the prisoner to HRANA’s reporter: “On the eighteenth day of hunger strike his physical condition is so severe that he lost the ability to walk and while talking on the phone with his family, he could not say the words properly and even lost the power to make meaningful sentences.”
On the other hand, in the central prison of Tabriz, Ayat Mehr Ali Beygloo has gone on hunger strike since June 1, 2016 in support of Rasoul Razavi due to the failure of the authorities in addressing his demands.
Ayat (Yourush) Mehr Ali Beygeloo, who has several arrests and a hunger strike in his record, now is serving his eight-years-in-prison sentence in Tabriz prison.
Mohammad Abdollahi, death row political prisoner in Central Prison of Urmieh who was warned about his sentence, has gone on an unlimited hunger strike to protest to the “unjust” verdict and the way his case was handled since May 29, 2016.
It should be noted, Arash Mokri and Mohammad Amin Agoshi had also announced hunger strike, last month. But the continuation or the end of the hunger strike of these two prisoners is not known.

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