“Masoumeh Zia” and “Maliheh Biganian” released from prison

HRANA News Agency – On Sunday afternoon, October 12th, “Masoumeh Zia” and “Maliheh Biganian” were released from Evin Prison on bail.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), from the four followers of the “Erfan-e-Halghe” transferred to Evin Prison, “Masoumeh Zia” and “Maliheh Biganian” were released on bail. “Narges Farhadi” who refused to provide the bail remained in prison.

There is no information about “Iraj Amidi” yet.

A well informed source told HRANA reporter: “interrogations were extremely violent and those arrested has been threatened. All three detainees have been on hunger strike within the past couple of days in protest to violent interrogations and also the imprisonment of Mohammad Ali Taheri. “Narges Farhadi” is still in prison and will continue the hunger strike.”

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