Mehdi Motamedi Mehr is exiled to Rajaie Shahr prison

HRANA News Agency – Mehdi Motamedi Mehr who was imprisoned in security ward of Evin prison since the beginning of 2013, has been transferred to Rajaie Shahr prison of Karaj.
According to Mizan Khabar website, on March 16 his home was inspected, most of his personal belongings were confiscated, was transferred to Evin prison and till now he was imprisoned in security ward -No. 209-.
He was arrested first in April 2009 on charge of releasing statements and demanding international monitoring on tenth presidential election and was under arrest for 45 days, then in January 2010 was arrested for two months on charge of attending in Ashoora gathering and was sentenced to five years imprisonment.
Mehdi Motamedi Mehr the political board member and responsible for education committee of freedom movement wrote a letter to the minister of intelligence and expressed his feelings and experiences of being beaten when he was under arrest, the continuation of suppression on him and the illegal ways of interrogators with him and the other members of freedom movement of Iran members.
Entering to private life of individuals, abusing it, insulting, threatening to death and defamation are the suppression and pressuring ways that Motamedi Mehr spoke out about and mentioned “reproducing the Saied Emami line and Intelligence ministry way of dealing”.

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