Mohammad Moghimi Released on the Bail

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Moghimi has been released on the bail from Rajai Shahr prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mohammad Moghimi was released from ward 10 of Rajai Shahr prison on Wednesday 17th June, on the bail of 20 million Tomans.
Mr. Moghimi was arrested on Saturday 13th June, when he met his client, Atena Farghadani, in prison, for alleged illicit relations sub-adultery (handshake with his client, non-confidential female) and was sent to Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj.
This lawyer, who had been transferred from Rajai Shahr prison to Evin court for investigation on 15th June, in presence of his family and during his visit with his family, was violated and beaten by the officers.
According to a person close to Mr. Moghimi, his interrogator has told him, in the interrogation session, “you’re guilty”, when this lawyer has protested; how come he called him guilty before the hearing and while a sentence has not been issued yet? He referred to judge’s knowledge. Branch 4 of Evin court’s investigator, Mr. Rezai, in response to Mr. Moghimi’s request to give evidence of judge’s knowledge reference, said that his evidences are “crows”. This prosecutor also has announced that Mr. Moghimi’s case has been referred to the Branch 15, headed by Judge Salvati.
It should be noted that Ms. Athena Farghadani, Mr. Moghimi’s client, who has been recently sentenced for her civil activities to 12 years and 9 months imprisonment, was transferred to Evin court for the similar charge. According to HRANA’s legal advisors, sub-adultery charges of illicit relations can be sentenced with up to 99 lashes.

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