Morteza Moradpour Arrested by IRGC Forces

HRANA News Agency – Morteza Moradpour, political prisoner, who had been released recently from prison, after 65 days of hunger strike was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence agents from A’shoura headquarters of East Azerbaijan province in Tabriz, and was taken to an unknown location.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Morteza Moradpour, Turk (Azeri) activist, was arrested by 4 agents from the Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence from A’shoura headquarters of East Azerbaijan province, in a BRT bus on A’bresani zone in Tabriz city.
A source close to Morteza Moradpour, told HRANA’s reporter: “It is possible that Morteza has been arrested to serve the rest of his imprisonment sentence, in which case this indicates that the Iranian judicial authorities have not kept their promise.”
Mr Moradpour was released from Tabriz Central Prion after 65 days hunger strike, by using the rule of parole, on December 29, 2016.
This activist had gone on hunger strike after he wrote a letter to the head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan province, to object the lack of implementation of Article 134 (accumulated penalties), and the illegal procedure and the Court law enforcement, on October 25.
According to Article 134 of the Penal Code, a person does not serve all periods of his imprisonment sentence, and based on that, they will serve the one which is the maximum penalty from several penalties. On this basis, and considering that Morteza Moradpour has spent more than two years of his imprisonment, he is entitled to be released.
Morteza Moradpour’s hunger strike was a long-term protest which led to quite much concern about his health and safety, and in support of this prisoner and his legal demands, at least two demonstrations were held and a number of citizens were arrested.

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