The National Front Prohibited From Holding Any Meeting

HRANA News Agency – Hossain Mousavian, the head of National Front party, was summoned by the intelligence service, and interrogated for three hours. He has been told that the National Front was not allowed to hold any meeting.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hossain Mousavian the head of National Front party, after a meeting which was held for leadership board and executive board at the house of Adib Broumand on August 24, was arrested by the intelligence service forces and interrogated for three hours.

According to the reports received by HRANA, this high member of this party has been told that in the perspective of Islamic Republic, National Front of Iran is an apostate party, and any activities of this party is illegal, including holding any meeting and will result in the arrest of the participants.

Adib Broumand, the chairman of the National Front party had complained to this issue and said, “the National Front party has been the source of different services for Iranians from the date of its establishment in 1949 on, and never asked for any permission for its freedom seeking and patriotic activities from anybody, and will not do either”.

The chairman of National Front added, “we invite all international and human rights organizations to raise their voices against these arbitrary acts, lawlessness and tyranny that is happening, and put pressure on these law breakers and human rights violators, and make these acts more costly for them”.

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